Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire

Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire

The Ultimate Guide on what a Horse can Eat

Horses are herbivorous animals and this means that meeting their dietary needs happens by offering them plants. Be that as it may, there are a select few plant products that horses need to be fed as some are not ideal or do not contain sufficient nutrients Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire. This is the right article to be reading if you are interested in knowing what horses can feed on.

Safe Meals for Horses


It is more commonly known as hay so you should not get confused. More often than not, hay is a good option for those that cannot afford to have their horses grazing on their own. However, it should only be seen as the option that comes Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire close to tender plants and pasture grass as will be discussed below.

If you must use hay, do all reasonably possible to ensure it is the right kind. This means that it should contain all the necessary nutrients needed by your horse(s). If this is not the case, you can make up with supplements that contain the missing or insufficient minerals and vitamins.

Tender Plants and Pasture Grass

As the kind of herbivorous animal that they are, the best chance of a horse getting the needed nutrients is by feeding in places that have tender plants and pasture grass. For example, a lot of the tender plants and pasture grass that your horse Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire will feast on in the open have silica.

Silica happens to be very important for improving the horse’s dental cavity at large, amongst other things. For this reason, you should do all you can to ensure your horse gets a healthy amount of tender plants and pasture grass.

Select Grains

There are a select number of grains that are good for your horse. There are even some that can be consumed in no more than a few amounts. An example happens to be corn. It does more harm than good to offer too much corn to your horse. Also, some grains have to be ruled out because of their effects on horses.

Generally, you need to be very cautious about offering grains to horses. For one, this is because they do not offer some of the advantages of haylage and even pasture grass & tender plants.

For example, the consumption of grains means that oral activities such as chewing are on the low side. As a result, the unprocessed grains will make their way into the digestive tracts. Issues such as dental problems and ulcers can arise as a result.

If you must offer grains, you should also stay away from those processed using contemporary methods Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire. In short, caution is very much of the essence when grains are involved even though some of them can be consumed.

Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire

Concentrate Mixes Including Salt & Minerals

These are dietary mixes that are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of horses. The good thing about them is that they can be specifically made to address dietary shortcomings. It is also possible to have supplements added to these mixes. This is where the use of loose salt or blocked ones can also come in.


Some treats are made specifically for horses. However, they have to be offered cautiously to avoid issues such as obesity.


It should not come as a surprise that horses need water as it forms a part of their diet. But what you might not have been expecting to hear is that you also have to be careful offering water to horses.

Inappropriate consumption of water can have meals moving too quickly and not too digested through the horse’s digestive tracts. This can cause a blockage. This happens especially when the horse drinks water shortly after a meal Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire.



It is our responsibility as horse owners to ensure that our horses are Horse Bedding Alton Staffordshire well fed. In light of this, this article has touched on ideal meals for horses and we hope that you feed your horse(s) with the right meals from now on.